Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Chinese philosophical - Feng Shui to harmonize with the spiritual forces. The simple interaction of humans and their environments.

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Color Therapy

Remembering how it was to color as a kid. All the fun we had. Now coloring for adults has become the new way to relax, Come see for yourself.......

Coloring for Adults


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Chocolate ~ and your pets ~ Beware
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Chocolate It’s that time of the year, holidays are upon us. Halloween, Christmas and Easter right around the corer. This is the time of year when Vet’s see more cases of chocolate poisoning. Yes we all love our babies and love sharing … Read More

Positive Changes
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Positive Changes   Positive steps. Measured or moving forward or in a direction of increase or progress: A positive attitude Optimistic or constructive: Almost 5 years ago was the passing of my husband, Leroy. And if you were to ask me then. … Read More

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another sign from my Angels

‘PlantsPoisonous’ ~~ Our Pets
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‘PlantsPoisonous’ Check out SheKnows website for more detail information. This site covers a lot of information @ our PETS There are many good sites out there. Sharing lots of useful information So as I come upon a very good site … Read More

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Facebook…To Have or Not To Have…. Don’t know why but for some reason felt like I had to put my Facebook account on hold. Been spending my time reading some very good books and Joined a site all about reading…..Goodreads You … Read More

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Talking…..to our pets   Yes we all do this. Why? Because they are our best friend, our family, they are truly amazing. And yes our pets, Cats are known to talk back to us. They do this through meowing and for some … Read More