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Do You Believe

You Should!    My belief began about 4 years ago when I lost my best friend…my husband…Leroy. At that time I was lucky enough to run into a very helpful and friendly website to visit. Especially when I was feeling down. Signs of Angels. Besides having a huge collection of Angel products, they also can help you learn more about our Angels and how they are always watching over us. They can explain to us how to look for signs from our Angels. Some say a Feather is one sign, sure there are others. But you will learn of many signs and the meaning behind each one. Good to know, making life what it is. Many things in life has ways of bringing us  Believe in Angels – John F Connordown, but with the help of our Angels we can get through.

Christmas I can say my angel were by my side through the whole time. Made some improvements this year by doing some simple task. First small step, I hung a wreath on the tree in front of my house and put a sign I made about 10 years ago underneath of it. Along with 2 gardens lights that didn’t work very well. But at least during the day, you could see my little steps to healing and as some would say moving on.

It has been a hard 4 years living alone and missing the life I once had. But life goes on, not what we always want to hear. Another improvement, while driving down to my daughters on Christmas day. I actually had the radio on and it was playing Christmas music. And to my surprise I started to feel better for some reason and kind of felt in the Christmas mood. Not sure what that is suppose to feel like ( been so long ) but it felt good.

Just so you angelsknow every night before bed, I hold my Arch Angel Michael, close to my heart and pray. Asking my Angels to watch over me and every night I tell my husband…How much I love him    Been doing this for so long I can’t even say how long. But 4 yrs. later and my heart still aches for my husband. Keeping Angels close by has a way of bringing peace and comfort. And that means a lot to me these days. Believing in my Angels.

Another great site Star Bright Angels, They seem to truly be our Angels cause they seem to know just how we are feeling. And they post some of the most amazing postings on Face Book. Never fails without even knowing, they manage to make us feel better. Or maybe they do know.

Have Faith and always believe….Angels are watching over you and me, and everyone else who believes

Do you believe in Angels, please leave a reply below and tell us your thoughts.  Sharing is Caring


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