Angels2 – OMG Must Read

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My new word now is Angels2.

And yes there is a story behind that. Here goes.

Angels2….I had just finish releasing my post on Angels – Do you believe. So figure I run and get a movie, come back take a shower before watching the movie. When I got home, plans change.  I just brought some carpet fresh and figure why not. Sprinkle all through the house covering five rooms. S o once I did that, I waited a few minutes and then began to vacuum. Figure do that before shower then I would have a fresh home. So I did vacuum starting in the Angel Featherbedroom and worked my way through each room all five. I took my time, no rushing. After completing the job, dumped the canister and was putting it back into place. That’s when I looked down on the floor very close to where I was standing laid a feather, a gray and white. Remember the sign I spoke about in my last post. How can I vacuum all through my house taking the time to do a good job. And turn around and find a feather on the floor, first question. Where did that come from? Visit Signs of Angels for more information on signs of Angels


So my first thought put a smile on my face because my first thought was my angels. So I picked up the feather and place it in my angel dish that holds my special feathers I find. Some people say when an Angel leaves a feather as a sign of being close they leave a white one. Not too sure I agree with that. Cause here laying on my freshly vacuum floor lays a feather that has no way of getting into my home.  Now my question is to you. Please reply below and leave your comments would really enjoy some goods thought on this. Where and how did this feather get on my floor. This is my Angel dish with Feathers I have found in odd ways making me believe.Angel Dish


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