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My Favorite Bear for my new life

After losing my husband although I had all the great memories and had all his belongings. I wanted something special of him. So after searching on the internet found this great site that makes bears and other item out of clothing.  “Belly Button Bears” So I contacted them and explain my story and told them I had an old shirt of his, was his favorite, wore so much I thought I would have to peel it off him. She said that would work great. So we discuss options. And this is what I asked for. His name on the right foot because he was right handed, my name on the left foot, I am left handed. Then the vest with my favorite picture one side and on the other side In memory of Leroy M. Folks…Nov.10 1949 – Nov 3 2011 and of coarse the tag and tie around his neck. And as you can see above what I got for what I consider a very good price. Take a look at the right arm and you can see the zipper that was on the front of his shirt, funny how that ended up on the right side, with him being right handed. It just all seem to match. I was so happy when I got the item in the mail, I cried and hugged on to that bear with all my might. Today this item is so precious to me and so glad these wonderful people answered my prayers.

Now my bears rides in my car each and everyday with me. Keep him in my car because of Mickey would rub against him leaving cat hair all over him. So to keep him clean he found his home in my car. Funny how pets can pick up on things and they seem to know the story behind it.

So I encourage you, if you have a special memory you want to hold on to. Please visit the “Belly Button Bears”. You would be so happy you did, they do a great job on all the items they, truly amazing.


Do you have a memory you would like to share?

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