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Oranges ~ Cats
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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Oranges ~ Cats So if you were to ask most cat owners. They would tell you that their cats for the most part hates the smell of oranges. And so I thought it was true … Read More

Head ~ Bunting ~ Butting
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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Head ~ Bunting ~ Butting Head ~ Bunting ~ Butting a form of affection we all want to have with our fur babies. My favorite site PETMD has a good article on this and many … Read More

Chocolate ~ and your pets ~ Beware
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Chocolate It’s that time of the year, holidays are upon us. Halloween, Christmas and Easter right around the corer. This is the time of year when Vet’s see more cases of chocolate poisoning. Yes we all love our babies and love sharing … Read More

Positive Changes
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Positive Changes   Positive steps. Measured or moving forward or in a direction of increase or progress: A positive attitude Optimistic or constructive: Almost 5 years ago was the passing of my husband, Leroy. And if you were to ask me then. … Read More

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Feather2   Feather2 was found on…..Friday, May 20th. After running a few errands and upon returning home, unloaded the car placing everything in my kitchen. Walked into the dinning room and was stopped in my tracks as I looked down … Read More

‘PlantsPoisonous’ ~~ Our Pets
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‘Plants/Poisonous’ Check out SheKnows website for more detail information. This site covers a lot of information @ our PETS   There are many good sites out there. Sharing lots of useful information So as I come upon a very good … Read More

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Facebook…To Have or Not To Have…. Don’t know why but for some reason felt like I had to put my Facebook account on hold. Been spending my time reading some very good books and Joined a site all about reading…..Goodreads You … Read More

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Talking… our pets   Yes we all do this. Why? Because they are our best friend, our family, they are truly amazing. And yes our pets, Cats are known to talk back to us. They do this through meowing and for some … Read More

Habits – fur babies
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Habits I found this adorable image on face book and it gave me a guild line to look for, for Mickey’s ways of showing love. Read the list and see how many actions your pet do already listed on here. … Read More

FYI – To all my readers
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FYI FYI – Writing this blog has helped me in many ways you would never know, but at times I just want to run my mouth. So as far as my blog is concern, this is my space and I … Read More

Angels2 – OMG Must Read
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Angels2 My new word now is Angels2. And yes there is a story behind that. Here goes. Angels2….I had just finish releasing my post on Angels – Do you believe. So figure I run and get a movie, come back … Read More

Angels – Do You Believe
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Angels Do You Believe You Should!    My belief began about 4 years ago when I lost my best friend…my husband…Leroy. At that time I was lucky enough to run into a very helpful and friendly website to visit. Especially when … Read More

German Shepherd – Got A Pet – Take Ownership
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German Shepherds German Shepherd because this is about a dog who as far I can see is a German Shepherd.  So this is more of a quiz in some way, But then in a way I’m asking for help in a matter … Read More

Missing – Someone
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Missing Someone           Missing someone, This is something we all are an expert on. Who, why and how we all have a different story to tell. And as we look at our stories we the ones who is … Read More

Mickey is back, Feelin Better
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Mickey is back Good news my baby boy is back to being his own self…….   Hurray. It was a ruff couple of days. My baby got shaved where the bites were and under the neck, not sure why there. But … Read More

Feline / FIV – Beware
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What is Feline / FIV you ask – . FIV is the only non-primate lent virus to cause an AIDS-like syndrome, but FIV is not typically fatal for cats, as they can live relatively healthily as carriers and transmitters of … Read More

Loosing a Pet – Mickey is sick
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  Losing a Pet is never easy Losing a pet – Mickey is sick As all pet owners knows anyone who has a pet has an extra family member. For there is no such thing as a pet.. They are our children. We … Read More

Mickey my best friend
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  My best friend….Mickey. Yup he is a Pixie-bob cat. When I first decided to get another cat after losing Jojo a Himalayan blue Persian to kidney cancer. I did my research for a more healthier cat. Not wanting to … Read More

Cats are good for you!
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Having a cat as a pet is more beneficial for you and your health in more ways then you may know. Lets cover a few good reason for owning a cat. Owning any pet is good for your heart. Cats … Read More

Winter Blues
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Winter comes every year and it seems to get colder each time it comes around, or is that just with age. Remembering being young the cold never was an issues. No matter how cold it got outside. Kids are always … Read More

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My Favorite Bear for my new life After losing my husband although I had all the great memories and had all his belongings. I wanted something special of him. So after searching on the internet found this great site that makes … Read More

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