Does that get your attention, it does me. Anything and everything that has the word blog in it gets my attention. And for all the goodies I read and think Wow, I like that idea. I will be placing it here on my page to share with you. All those neat little tricks I wish I could remember when I’m writing, but can’t. This will be my go to page every time I’m blogging. To find all those neat ideas to incorporate into my post. And will be given credit to those for allowing me to share. So hope you find something here you like and maybe share with your friends, my site. Also if you have a goody you would like to share please reply below, or contact me through email.

  1. WP Front Scroll Top, This is a plugin that has a little arrow on the side of the page or at the bottom of the page, brings you right back up to the top of the page. Funny but that is the first thing I look for when I visit a website. A much needed way to get back to the top. And with that said, I would probably spend more time going down your page knowing how easy it is to get back up to the top. So let’s face it, you don’t have a easy way back to the top, I won’t be going too far down your page. I call this plugin in is a way to being courteous to your and my readers.
  2. Open in new window, that’s another favorite of mine. Having the choice to take a quick look at something else and never leaving the space I was exploring. I like knowing I have the choice to come right back makes me ok with the fact of checking out others you like.
  3. Get rid of your Pop-ups. A pop up will chase me off your page asap. Don’t like them and never will. Some thinks that’s a way to force you to sign up for their newsletter, email what ever. But take my word for it. Most would run the other way.


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