Color Your Way To Happiness


I would like to share with everyone the pleasure I have found in coloring. Looking around the internet I found so many raving about coloring for therapy. And let me tell you, it really works. I got involved with it after seeing so much talk about it from others and it has done me good. This is a brand new page I'm just starting, so not much to go on. But please come back soon and I will have so much more to share with you. Until then.



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The Benefits of Coloring

Got a wonderful gift from my daughter and information below was Taken from one of these book. So I do not take credit these statements. They belong to the owner who made these wonderful books. And just wanted to share with you.

Coloring allows for personal and creative expression

When it comes to coloring and creativity, there is no right or wrong. It's all about expressing your creativity your way. There are no limits to what you can do and no judgements. The creativity of coloring provides a break from daily routines and this can be good for you in so many ways. So let's Color.....

Coloring allows us to unplug

Coloring is totally screen free. Is just us, our supplies and our creativity. And unplugging once in a while is a great way to relax. So lets color.....

Coloring reduces stress and anxiety.

Why? You ask...It's easy.  Making it stress free. Researchers' shows that coloring actually relaxes the fear center of the brain, amazingly reduces stress and anxiety in the present. Helping us to improve in stressful situations in the future. So let's color.....

Coloring brings about a meditative state.

Coloring does not require extreme concentration, just a little focusing. Keeping a part of the brain with the simple act of coloring. Leaving the rest of the mind free to relax. Being able to turn off other thoughts and staying focus on the coloring. Which brings a very calm feeling. So let's Color.....

Coloring connects both sides of your brain.

Coloring requires both sides of your brain to work together. The logical side and the analytical side when choosing  where colors goes on your page and filling in the designs. The imaginative side when selecting which colors to use. Also when choosing to shade and blend our colors. Connecting both sides of our together making a stronger connection. This also improves your fine motor skills and vision. So let's color.....

Just to get you started...head on over to one of my favorite site for Coloring Pages Bliss.

I know you will love her site as much as I do. Don't forget to check out her videos Color Like A Pro....fascinating.

Make sure you check out her You Tube site  " Click HERE "

Truly Amazing!.....

Another great site, has me looking forward to Mondays. Sign up with them and every Monday you will receive an Email. In that email you will get an update when they update their Mandalas. And they are so much fun to color. You can choose from the selections in the email. Or go over to the site "Monday Mandala" and browse through their wonderful site. This is a must you don't want to pass by. Use to hate Mondays. Another work week starting. Now, I look forward to Mondays and getting those emails. Hurry on over. Have fun!... lol

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