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Facebook…To Have or Not To Have….

Don’t know why but for some reason felt like I had to put my Facebook account on hold. Been spending my time reading some very good books and Joined a site all about reading…..Goodreads You need to check out the site. They have ways to make it really fun reading. And with lots of books to choose from. You can also add your books from other sites like Amazon books to the list. They also offer you to set your own reading challenge, yup you set the rules. This was my first time I did the challenge although I have been with Goodreads.com for some time. I chose to read 10 books in a year not sure what I was signing myself up for. But once I found some book’s content that interest me. I was off reading and got so wrapped up in the reading I hit my goal in record time. If I knew it was that easy, I would of up the total number of books to read. Maybe next challenge more books.

So instead of spending most of my time on Facebook, I put that on hold for a while. And now been spending my time reading some very interesting books and for some reason feel better spending time reading You should give it a try. Here’s the link to my Goodreads. Check out some of the books I have read. All will keep you in suspense and you will find it hard to put down. The book  Asylum – 13 Tales of Terror,  very good book! Then you should check out another one of my favorite is…..Forty-Four Box Set 1 – 10…Amazing and spellbinding. So I come to realize I really enjoy reading. How about you? It’s a good feeling  

So the question is, do I need a social media like Facebook for my blogging to be successful?

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