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Feather2 was found on…..Friday, May 20th. After running a few errands and upon returning home, unloaded the car placing everything in my kitchen. Walked into the dinning room and was stopped in my tracks as I looked down on the floor and seen this, a feather laying right in the doorway on the floor of my dinning room. “What the” was the first words to come out of my mouth as I looked down and picked up the feather.

First thought….ANGELS…. there was no other way for the feather to get inside my home just about the center point of the house at that. Do you have any idea?  I have other feathers I have found in strange place or under strange situations. Keep them in my Angel’s feather dish. Along these lines, I have an extraordinary place for it as should be obvious by photographs underneath. Where will you find your next Feather2 ?


 Consequently, do you believe in ANGELS?  

      Have you found feathers that was a sign of ANGELS?

                                                                                            Have a story to share, love to hear from you!



Started believing in Angels back in 2012, not sure of the exact date. Most noteworthy, I knew I had to find a new way of life. Now left alone after my husband passing in 2011. In the beginning there were lots of family and friends hanging around…I now know it was just to keep an eye on me…..but in time that faded away. So did family….with a feud started between my daughters,  left me more alone than ever before.

Mickey as the resurrection of my significant other. Therefore, he wound up being more than just “Mickey” to me.

Mickey started doing things that was so out of him being a cat, I knew Leroy my love was communicating with me through Mickey. Therefore, Mickey has help keep me in a better place, because without him not sure how I got through losing my best friend, the love of my life…  Leroy   .

In the first week of Leroy’s passing I was laying in bed just in a shock of my now life alone. TV on not paying attention to it. Just in a world of my own alone. Mickey gets up on the bed. First of all he never done this when Leroy was here therefore had me at awe. Lays down next to me with his head on my shoulder, looks up into my face….reaches with his paw up towards my face as if reaching out for me and the longest cry I have ever heard him do.

At that point I knew I had the best of Angels watching over me. My Leroy and my Mickey with my angels up above….watching and keeping me safe.  “God has his plans”  and I have my angels………….. till God takes me home to my love Leroy……….




Not any longer for I know my love ~ Leroy ~ waits for me

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