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What is Feline / FIV you ask – . FIV is the only non-primate lent virus to cause an AIDS-like syndrome, but FIV is not typically fatal for cats, as they can live relatively healthily as carriers and transmitters of the disease for many years. A vaccine is available although its efficacy remains uncertain. Cats will test positive for FIV antibodies after vaccination. That was my question as I let the Vet with Mickey heading home. Yup, he came home today. Now my home feels like home. Pets become part of the family as soon as they enter into our homes. A site I ran across because as soon as I got home I Google it, something that also has become part of the family…the computer…what ever way you want to call it – PC, tablet or phone. And found this site with more indebt in more facts and information. The Feline Health Center . If you read my last post, Mickey’s Story you would understand more.

FIV -Feline Immunodeficiency Virus

Apparently while he was outside he had an accounted was bitten on the back side unnoticed it produce a infection into him. He was real sluggish and week. Couldn’t hardly stand, tried walking but was so shaky and twisted in his walk. Just looking at my poor baby I could see the pain he was in. All this from a bite from another animal.

This is what I was seeing in Mickey. Your pet (cat) may show different signs but it all adds up to the same FIV. So a night spent in the vet because he had a temperature of 106. Normal body temperatures in cats range between 100 – 102.5°F – See more at: “The Cat World” If you are cat or dog lover you have to check this site out. AMAZING

So now Mickey has a bald spot on his side where the bites are, he did come home and ate pretty good. Vet said he wouldn’t eat for them. (of coarse not….Mommy bitesspoiled little boy). He seems to be walking better, much more alert and actions are up. So guess taking him was right, actually it’s the only choice when our babies are sick. Right now he is laying down in the basement on one of his favorite rugs. Went down to check on him and bent down to pet his belly, he rolled all around…back and forth for me to keep rubbing. I know he is starting to feel better. ( or maybe the pain meds were good ) but he seems much better. Tomorrow I pray I can say he’s back.










Mickey has two sagged skins under his belly right in front of his hind legs. Silly me thinking it was just fat hanging. Little did I know this was part of his breed. Found this on a website www.catworld.com

The Pixie-bob should have a primordial pouch, having the appearance of a loose flap of skin, just in front of the rear legs. – See more at: http://www.cat-world.com.au/Cat-Breeds/pixiebob-breed-profile.html#sthash.kQKNrSzW.dpuf


Please note:  FIV cannot be transmitted from cat to human, only from cat to cat.

Caring for an FIV-Infected Cat

Be sure your cat is spayed or neutered

Keep your cat indoors

Watch for changes—even seemingly minor—in your cat’s health and behavior



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    Interesting article. Did not know about it. Maybe researchers can also look into it

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      Thanks, found out about it when it happened and did some research

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    Even cats have their version? Crazy!

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    Hope there is a cure for the disease.

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    Can it jump to humans?

  5. c.o
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    How deadly is it?

  6. c.o
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    How long does it take to manifest?

  7. c.o
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    Any Cure yet?

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    This sounds serious

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    This is crazy

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    Even cats aren’t safe

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