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"Finding better approaches when life tosses you lemons".
Just a few words about me. So you will know where I am coming from. In 2011 a tragedy took place that would change my life forever. The lost of my life long partner and husband of 38 yrs. passed away. At that time I was left broken and forced to begin a new life alone.
Not an easy task when you have been with someone so long. You know, no other way of life. Took me many years. To come to terms with my lost.
Although with many friends and family. This was something I had to do on my own.
I am now focusing on my Pixie-bob cat ~ Mickey. Sharing with you some of the best cat stories and facts . Along with my newest interest in Feng Shui. And the calming effects of adult coloring ~ a great way to relieve stress and depression. All I have learned from searching the internet, hoping to help others in the search for happiness.
Pets ~ Cats

So sorry, I am partial to cats but I have a love and great concern for all pets.. So sections of my blog will be related to all out fur babies. My goal will be to bring you all some fun facts and stories for you to share with your friends. I will bring you stories for the heart, some will make you cry. While others will make you smile. Along with some interesting facts. Your fur babies care I recommend a visit to Pet MD. A great source of information to keep your fur babies healthy and happy.

Feng Shui

Ok so I am still very new to Feng Shui. But I do find this very rewarding in Finding Better Approaches toward life. So I did create a page called Feng Shui, where I will bring you everything I am learning about Feng Shui. Very interesting field and must admit. Since adding some Feng Shui into my life I have found a sense of peace and happiness. And the beauty can only speak itself. So hoping to share my knowledge with you. And would love for you to share with me.


This is a new hobby of mine and must say I enjoy it a lot more than when I was a kid. When they say coloring is good for stress release, take my word for works. And great for depression. I find myself so relaxed when I am coloring and it brings a smile on my face every time I complete a page. And you don't need to go out and buy a book for coloring. There are so many sites offering free coloring pages which is a plus. So visit my coloring page for more information.

Although the Feng Shui and Coloring pages are still new
 They are being added to as often as I finding new topics on the subjects.
You are still very much welcome to visit and please come back for updates and tell your friends......Thank You
Hello again,

Some more fun facts about me. I love the outdoors. Spending time in my yard whether it's cutting the grass or tending to my plants. I get a high by just being outside. I've always love the heat and sunshine. And still at my age the hotter it get the more I want to spend time outside.

When the weather is really nice, I like to spend time in the pool or just sitting on the deck reading books from my E Reader. Reading has also become a passion of mine. Really got into it when I deleted my account on Face Book.

Another major change in my life. Leaving Face Book was a little hard to do. Knowing I was leaving all my friends I've made. But you know what, best decision I've made in a long time. Now I spend most of my spare time reading and coloring. I'm also in the middle of creating a book page. Where I will be sharing some of my favorite and recommendation for reading.

I also love working with my hands. Making garden step stones for one. And at one point in time I was very much into scrapbooking. I had a huge collection of scrapbooking supplies. But when that 2011 tragedy hit me, I lost interest in so much. Giving away almost everything I own for scrapbooking. So that is why I am on pursuit of finding a new happiness, come join me. And maybe together we can create a happiness for all who are adjusting to changes brought on by a tragedy.

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