Flowers ~ Feng Shui

Flowers in Feng Shui are very important and the placements of them. And lets not forget the health. Healthy flowers are more vibrant and prettier to look at. You can receive many benefits having flowers around your home. Beside the fact of them improving the air quality around them. They also  greatly improves people’s moods and reduces the likelihood of stress-related health issues. There are so many sites to help you understand more about having plants in your home. HealthLine has a good article you should read, very interesting. They help you to breathe easier. Release water ~ purifying air. Improves health and sharpening focus. So why not have plants.


So lets talk about having plants for Feng Shui. Below is a list along with picture of Feng Shui plants. With each one a brief statement on how they can help you along with Feng Shui. There’s a strong connection between Feng Shui and flowers. They symbolic meanings and with the  correct placement in your home. They are  mindful way to align your chakras and bring more positive energy into your home. Giving credit to Bella Online for the wonder information

The Voice of Women.



 Peony is used in Feng Shui to represent and attract love and romance or to fix a relationship.



 Lotus flower symbolizes perfection, harmonious household. Assures positive family communication


Peach Blossom

Associated with freshness and new beginnings



 A symbol of fertility.  Symbol of the search for perfection, spiritual growth, and purity in life



“Flowering” of talents and abilities. White narcissus flower in Feng Shui is known as a career cure



 A balanced and easy life. This flower has strong yang energy, and is associated with attracting good luck to your home.

braided money tree

Braided Money Tree


Lucky Bamboo Tree

Jade plant

Jade Plant in a red pot