Mickey's Friendship

This is where it all begins. Come join Mickey and lets form a group of Cat Lovers, where we can just tell someone, anyone about some of the perks of being a cat lover. Oh ok, let us be fair here. Mickey loves all friends. So if you are another pet we won't turn you away. We have another page for you to link your photo to your website. Click here and head on over to see more friends. Mickey's friendship page will be a place to post a picture with a link back to your website where we can all visit each other and share.


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Jojo was my baby girl. Got her when we were living in an apartment and she was only 8 wks. old. A Blue Himalayan mixed Persian. At the time I got her I did not know about her breed origins. Persian's so I was told was apt to Kidney issues. Got her in 2000 and in January 2009 I had to make the painful decision to let her go to Rainbow Heaven. Learn more here at Jojo's story. After losing Jojo and as the heart healed, I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect Cat. At that time the heath concerns were the biggest decision maker. Doing the research found out the Pixie bobs had an excellent health record.

First Picture is one of a Pixie-bob  the second one is Mickey..........So came Mickey 



Mickey's Friends

jojo baby2

Jojo wants in the closet

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