FYI – To all my readers

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FYI – Writing this blog has helped me in many ways you would never know,

but at times I just want to run my mouth. So as far as my blog is concern,

this is my space and I can run my mouth.

I know every blog has a niche, but with mine, I’m not sure what I want to focus on. So through my blog I will be adding some everyday life situation with you. And at the same time can release a lot off my shoulders by sharing. As you should already know my favorite saying is ” Sharing is Caring”. So with that said, Had a rough time getting through the holidays, being alone doesn’t help. Most times there is no one in my home to talk to, living alone leaves me with talking to Mickey, my pixie-bob. Ok so I do all the talking but when I look at Mickey I know he is listening. He is my rock. If at anytime you would walk into my home, you could hear me carrying on a conversation, you would swear there was others in my home. But not true. I talk to Mickey everyday just like he is another person. And to me he is another person, one who is always there to give me love and attention, something I truly need.My main focus is on cat’s and that is because I am a cat freak. Anything and everything that has to do with cats will and do catch my attention. So Pets will be my main focus but will spread out to other topics. Example I truly believe in Angels, starting follow a website that has helped me so much when my husband passed away in 2011. Signs of Angels They have so much to offer and so much knowledge on Angels. I know you are wondering but believe me my Angels has come to me and help me when I asked for their help. And you should believe too. Our Angel are watching over us.Belly shot - FYI

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