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German Shepherds

German Shepherd because this is about a dog who as far I can see is a German Shepherd.  So this is more of a quiz in some way, But then in a way I’m asking for help in a matter that is kind of touchy. My neighbor, her/his yard and my yard is divided by a 6 ft. wooden fence. And I can see somewhat into their yard. And what I see is a dog that looks something like the picture with this post. I can see he is chained to something in the yard, so he has only but so much room to run, not sure what but there is a shedgerman shepherd looks close enough for him to get in. But at the same time I don’t know if the door is opened for him to get in. The dog does seems to be outside of the shed as far as I can see.


So the problem is the barking, this poor dogs seems to be barking 24/7. At the moment I am laid off and sitting home. Wake up around 7am or so and the dog is barking, a constant bark. Seems like he’s not even taking the time to breathe. And this barking goes on steady up until around 9 or 10pm. Now that’s a long time to be barking. Did googling and found some interesting ideas. So far this one is my favorite – Dealing with Barking Dogs along with this one, German Shepherds are beautiful dogs


OK, we all use Facebook and I posted this message on Facebook looking for help. Got some advice, some a little off the wall. But then that is Facebook for you. Here’s my posting –

“OK is anybody else beside me in Chartley getting tired of this dog barking 24/7 I thought after a few days at it he would lose his voice. Nope he just keeps on barking. Don’t know where the owners are but I can see the dog is chained outside to a shed.”


A few comments I received,

  1. That is so cruel, call the animal society, 
  2. Call the cops, I already did one time.
  3. Call the cops, they leave all day and night
  4. That sounds sad…yes the police might investigate
  5. Call the cops. That’s animal abuse. I’ve done it before . They will investigate.

Then with all that I got this – If the dog gets removed from its home, it will probably mean a death sentence for the animal. I do not want the dog harmed in any way. What I want is to see is that dog inside a warm and dry place with family who loves him


So here’s the question, reply below and leave me a number to my answer or type a whole new idea to handle this situation. You can also keep it private and send me an email with your thoughts,

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Thank You

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  1. Bradley Preston
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    You should definitely call the cops and let them investigate the matter. Is the dog getting food? Probably, he is hungry

  2. Shiza
    | Reply

    German Shepherds is one of my favorite dog breed. I have two dogs at home and one of them is German Shepherds, and i love it. He is very caring and loyal. I also suggest the pet owners to have a pet like German Shepherds.

  3. The Daily Shep
    | Reply

    The dog seems to have a combination of lack of physical and mental stimulation from what you’ve described.

    Have you thought of approaching the owner in a friendly manner and discussing the issue?

    Maybe he/she can hire a dog walker, buy the dog some bones and toys to play with etc.

    The absolute last option would be to call animal services, and the dog is re-homed to someone who can better take care of it.

    I hope you were able to sort this situation out!

  4. Penink3
    | Reply

    Update ~ I did leave a note on the owners car in front of her house. Asking her to please take better care of her dog. I didn’t want to have to report her to animal control cause I was afraid they would take the dog to a shelter and I didn’t want that to happen. What she was doing was animal crudity and all the neighbors were talking about the constant barking. So with that the barking stopped and I took for granted problem was solved. But found out later one of my other neighbors did call animal crudity because of the barking, I was at work that day and didn’t hear the barking. Don’t know what became of it but I do know the barking has stopped and they still have the dog. I am happy to say the dog is still with it’s family and from I can see, he is being taken better care of. Happy for that!

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