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I found this adorable image on face book and it gave me a guild line to look for, for Mickey’s ways of showing love. Read the list and see how many actions your pet do already listed on here. I’m also will put in a few of what Mickey has done to get / show attention. This cat is crazy and will go to certain lengths to get my attention. Mickey is my Boo Boo, love him dearly

You can find a very interesting face book page here or by clicking on the image will take you to the Face Book home of this created person , lots to offer…This post is credited to Gwen Cooper  — has a fascinating site for Cat Lovers.







So now I will give you some of Mickey’s little habits as some would say. Will also use this page to write down some of the best of times with Mickey. Let’s this shall be the start of Mickey’s Diary! Till his page is completed, come back soon


  1. Head Bonking….every time I take a shower Mickey would be there waiting for me to get out. At that time, he gives me a few minutes to quick dry but the he hops on top the toilet seat stretching his head up towards mine. And you are asking what does he wants. Before I dry my hair he wants at least 5 long drawn out head bonk – to head rub. And looking into his adorable eyes as he is asking…I can’t say no.
  2. Powerful Purrs…..Sounds  like a loud motor of some kind, a big one. But that also follows with #4 the kneading to he feels he has done a good job and then he is ready for bed. So he makes his place on my bed but must be close enough #9 he can lay at least one paw on me so we are touching together.
  3. Love Bites…..Are these the ones that when I’m walking up the steps from the basement and here comes Mickey biting each leg as I take a step. Or when I am working on the computer and he wants attention. He sits up in front of my computer screen as to say HELLO but if that doesn’t work then he starts grabbing at my arms as I am typing….and you say LOVE BITE Ok kitty time to find another way of showing love.
  4.  Tummy up…..now that’s the one I love…..Can you see the beautiful markings on his belly
  5. Tail twitching now that one is a big N/A, now want to check Mickey – my Pixie-Bob
  6. When I’m at the computer he loves to sit between my legs. And he uses his front paw and reach up on my chest and laying on my chest and with that it seems like he is trying to hug me…..so much love.
  7. I have no idea what his next habit does for him. But we all have one of these a bathroom trashcan. Well he walks to the trashcan, hang his head on the rim putting pressure on his throat. Next causing him to cough  untill he gags. Once the gagging stops he goes back to the can and repeats his actions until gagging and goes over and over until I yell at him to stop. Then I get that cute little angry look, like he is saying “I love being bathroom trashcanbad—Mommy”. So you tell me your thought of Mickey’s obsession with the bathroom trash can.
  8. And then for no reason at all he does this: He gives me this look like he is saying…..”Hey Mom – watch this” and he would jump high in the air turning himself around as doing so and as fast as he can run to the opposite direction. stops and turns around and runs back to me giving me that look….”See”. Now if he were to do that and had a few more actions to what he just did. I would be looking for cat behavior under  Symptoms of Rippling Skin Disorder – about cats.com– Cat FHS Disease. ” Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome ”    a rare medical condition that affects the brain and causes bizarre and frustrating symptoms in cats.




So what does your fur baby do to get your love and attention,

how many see their numbers pertaining to on the list.

If I said that right

So what’s your cuties’ Love Signs?

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