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Head ~ Bunting ~ Butting

Head ~ Bunting ~ Butting a form of affection we all want to have with our fur babies.

My favorite site PETMD has a good article on this and many more subjects for the fur babies. Here's a little of what they say, but if you want a more detail reading head over to their site.

This is your cat's way of putting a claim on you. They are transforming their scent onto us and you now owned by your kitty. And saying I love you Mommy.

Doing this they are activating the scent glands, which excrete pheromones on the area of their head just above the eye but below the ear.

Cats that head bunt are feeling confident and safe. You are worthy of their affections.  And I must say I love when Mickey head bunts. I can feel a very close bond with him. What's the old saying....Feeling The Love....

There are so many ways your cat shows affection.....Kneading you. Mickey does this every night when we are in bed watching TV. Never missing his opportunity. Also showing the belly up in full view is another way of showing the love. Allowing you to rub the belly is just icing on the cake. And let's don't forget the purring, following you around, rubbing against your legs and yes even nipping at you. But in my opinion the head bunting is so much more personal and special. Takes a really close bond.

Now with Mickey he has two ways of sharing bunts with me. For one way is when I'm sitting at the computer. He likes to get up on the desk butting my head. This one is his most powerful bunt. He uses all his weight to press and push against my head. And when he is done, I look like I just got of bed and now have a bed head...hair all over the place.

Head Butting is your cat's way of showing you that he adores you...

Head ~ Bunting ~ Butting

His second way.....is after my shower. And this one is a two stepper. At first I thought he just liked the smell of my shampoo. Until I did a search on the internet and found out just what head butting really was.

Now every time I take a shower I have to leave the door opened enough so he can get in. Once I step out of the shower, I find him waiting. And as you can see in the photo above, this is where he sits for his head butting.

Then once he is done with his butting, comes step two. But he is the Head ~ Bunting ~ Buttingone who decides he is ready to move on. Like with most cats he is fascinated with running water. Even more then most because of his breed. So up on the sink he goes. Where it seems like forever to get his fill. Once he is done, he's on his own way. Happy and content, he got what he wanted...Got to Love him....


Does your baby has a special way to show their love?
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