File May 06, 9 21 45 AMThis is Jojo, my Blue Himalayan mixed Persian. Picture not very good but if you look close you can see the blue tint in her white fur. She was lovable and at the same time her own self. She lived a very good life with people who loved her so and made sure to take care of her. She arrived in my home in 2000. When first got her she was mostly white with the markings I believe was the Persian part of her. For her features were….Her ears, her nose

jojo baby2
Jojo as a baby

and her feet and her tail was dark and then the rest was mostly white with some shading in her fur. She was so loved through her life until January 2009 we had to make the painful decision to have her put down for she had advanced kidney cancer and it was fast growing and she was too far to save her. We would only extend her suffering. So with that we did what we had to for the love we had for her, we didn’t want her to suffer. For weeks after I cried so much. After looking back some signs she was giving me I didn’t understand. Keep in mind your cat and or pets start changing how they act. Watch and get answers.  Signs she gave us after thinking back and putting things together, I wish I knew sooner maybe there might have been a way to save her, will never know Cats are very good at hiding sickness. And well known for it. So you must really keep your eyes open when it comes to cats.  





  • Hiding under the bed.
  • drinking a lot of water.
  • peeing a lot.
  • final smack in the head…lump on her side.



Those are some of the signs I connected to Jojo change,

but only after it was too late did I put it all together.

Here’s another great place to check more on  Renal Disease in Cats.

Cats with severe acute renal disease often produce less urine

than normal and as the condition progresses,

may ultimately produce none at all.

Their kidneys have completely shut down.