Changes-Life-Without. My life began a noteworthy changes in 2011. In the first place it was all awful. I had an inclination that I was simply skimming however existence without any headings. With no objectives,no decisions, no considerations ~ both terrible and great, no thoughts. A great deal of NO’S a major part of my life. Spent my time, the next 5 years doing what I had to do just trying to get through life.

Then in 2016 a thought hit me, dropping one of the biggest social media contacts ~ no name callings ~ for a while to see how it goes. For now just deactivate the site. Will I go back, don’t know but for now I’m learning a whole new life and enjoying it. So begins a new section of my BLOG. Hope you enjoy as much as I do. So through out this section I willChanges-Life-Without share the changes I gone through  and the new connections I’ve made.

 Yes it was hard and ordinarily recovered the idea to possibly go. But I didn’t. So I began to do a lot more reading and found a few new sites like Good Reads. There I can keep book shelves of books I read, want to read books. Great way to keep track of all those books. And by using my Kindle, I’m now spending more of my time reading. And it feels good. I believe in many ways reading is very good for you. I got that feeling because something was changing in me and I wasn’t sure what it was. All I know it was for the good.

Most of my books comes from Kindle Fire from Amazon. Customers will find some of the best books around. Although I am involved with other sites like Bookbub, Good Read but Amazon is my bestie for books.

 So the message from this page is the changes I seen in myself since I deactivated my unmentionable.

  • More Time
  • sense of enjoyment
  • Knowledge
  •  Stress Reduction
  • More thoughts / Memory Improvement
  • spend time wisely
  • Mental Stimulation

This list could go on and on but I won’t at this time.

What I realized, I was squandering so much time,

and time is a very special thing.

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