Links ~ Resources

These are some of my favorite sites to visit. They can also be very informative when the need for an answer or just basic information is wanted. I will try to keep them in   

Categories of Matter

So take the time and visit.
See what you can learn and share.....ENJOY

Writing Tips ~ Helpful Links

Here you will find some sites to help you with writing your blog or other papers. From grammar to rephrasing your sentence to use of better wordings. So if you want to improve here are a few to check out.


Instant Grammar Checker

This one has a free version or a paid version. Now I'm only using the free. But the choice is yours

Paraphrasing Tool

Right from the horses mouth. Paraphrase or rewrite full length essays and articles or to find new ways to express simple phrases, sentences or single words. This is a free online tool.

Pets ~

I ♥ Cats

Lots of great resources about cats. You can also purchase items to help feed homeless cats. Must Visited

The Pet Code

This site has so many wonderful stories to share. Some are heart breakers and tear jerkers. But most will put a smile on your face.


Your online magazine for all pets.  For entertainment, health and reviews. They also have info on training and food and diets. So much more

Coloring ~

Coloring Pages Bliss

A wonderful site with lots of pages to download for coloring. She also has some tutorials to teach some really cool techniques for a more blissful coloring

Monday Mandala

Sign up for their email and each Monday you will get an email with new mandalas for you to choose from. And you get to visit her site where there is so many more to choose from. Happy Coloring!