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Losing a Pet is never easy

Losing a pet – Mickey is sick As all pet owners knows anyone who has a pet has an extra family member. For there is no such thing as a pet.. They are our children. We welcome babies with open arms, mostly around about 6 – 8 weeks after birth. We bring them in with cautious, just trying to get acquainted with that little one can be a challenge. But the moment we bought them into our lives we fell in love


First came Jojo, my Himalayan Blue Persian. She was such a pretty baby girl six weeks old. First got the girl, I picked her out from a litter of 3. Picked he because she was all white….black feet…..black tips on her ears and blue eyes. Most Persians are born with blue eyes and most will change.. Didn’t know that about her breed. We learn something new everyday. She spent the next 9 yrs. with us until one day we picked up on some signs something was wrong. She spent most of her days and nights was under our bed. Now don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t much a lap cat. She didn’t like to be hold so we rarely had the opportunity to feel her body. One day after pulling her out from under the bed had the chance to feel her body…she had a big lump on her side, then it was too late for her….I just didn’t know that at the time. Took her to the vet, they kept her for three days. Then I got the call. It was ..CANCER…in her kidneys. There was nothing to be done, was too far gone. With that said, she now resigns on my headboard in her own little home.

P.S. Forgot my beautiful white kitty changed, had many tone colors of brown and white. When she laid on her back you could very clearly see the blue tinting her white fur she had on her belly.

Check your pets body on a regular routine. Watch how they act and changes they go through. My blindness on that common mistake of not checking cost me my baby girl Jojo.

Rainbow Bridge….



Then came Mickey my Pixie-bob cat, my baby my rock. If you read any of my other pages you would know what Mickey means to me. Point is right now Mickey is in the Main Street vet with a 106 temperature, weak….they kept him and the first thing on their minds getting temper down. I truly can not handle losing him. pet at any time can be heart broken So here I am waiting for words, soon as I get word this post will grow with results…..till then need a break…look for updates’ on Mickey……


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