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  My best friend….Mickey. Yup he is a Pixie-bob cat. When I first decided to get another cat after losing Jojo a Himalayan blue Persian to kidney cancer. I did my research for a more healthier cat. Not wanting to go through that pain and heart ache again. And a Pixie-bob was sitting on top of the list. This is my story of how he became my best friend. On November 4, 2011 at 2am my husband (Lee) was at the kitchen sink trying to drink a cup of coffee. His only complaint at that time was Mickey wouldn’t leave him alone, so he asked me to feed him thinking that would distract him away from him. Mickey knew something that we didn’t know at that time but he knew something was wrong and didn’t want to leave Lee alone. Two hours later my husband passed away quite fast from a pulmonary embolism. First fact that pets are smarter then we think. That day my world came to a crashing halt, my world as I know it had ended.

Mickey walked through the house looking for something and crying and did this for days after Lee’s passing, Once again a broken heart cause I knew he was looking for him. Before his passing Lee was home all the time ( due to several illness…lung cancer stage 4…COPD causing him to have limited movements’ which led to the embolism )  and him ad Mickey became best friends, now he was gone. I was still working so it made sense for them two to be close. Then the change started to happen, It was now just me and Mickey. But I did get laid-off 5 weeks before Lee passed away so I was able to spend a lot of time with him before God took him and I was so graceful for that. Looking back I believe that was God’s plan, he knew what he was doing taking him to a place where no pain or suffering existed. I was home for another month afterwards and that is when the bonding began.

Was laying in bed one night just watching tv and Mickey who never got up on the bed. Suddenly jumped up on the bed and to my surprise laid right next to me putting his head on my shoulders laying his paw across my chest. Tears was flowing that night as they often did. Mickey looked right up into my face paw still on my chest and he just cried out a long meow. I felt it that night Lee was sending me a message through Mickey…..I will be ok cause Mickey will become my rock to lean on. And he did. Every night after that once I got into bed, here comes Mickey. Not only did he make sure I would not be in that bed alone, he made sure I knew he was there by pressing his body up against my body. I was not alone. My rock was by my side.

Many nights and many tears Mickey was there to comfort me. Every step I took Mickey was close at my side. When sitting at the computer, Mickey would lay on the desk Mickey-baby13next to me. I get up to go to the bathroom he would follow me and sit right at my feet till I was done. At times he would lay on the floor right behind my chair sleeping, I know he was sleeping cause I can hear his snoring. I would get up and go into the kitchen, turn around there he was, right behind my feet. No more sleeping. He follows me from one room to the next never missing a beat. Because of his breed a Pixie-bob they are know for their loyalty and dog type personality. If you read my other post on Cats are good for you..you’ll have more insights on Pixie-bobs.

When he goes outside and I want him in….all I have to do is call his name and point to the door and in he’ll go in. He would be sitting at the back door and as I go to close it…all I have to say is back and he moves back so I can close the door. We go for walks and he will walk by my side no lease needed. He loves to get up in the bathroom sink to drink from the running faucet. He loves his running water. He doesn’t mind taking baths, just sits there while I wash him and rise him off. He doesn’t like catnip like most cats, the only one that gets his attention is called kong and it must be in a spray form…no flakes for him. He loves when I use bleach to clean the bathroom, seems to get a high from it. He also likes climbing inside of what ever he can fit into. He has broad shoulder and very muscular and sweet as can be. He’s my rock…my baby 


Do you have a best friend you would like to share?

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