Mickey is back, Feelin Better

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Mickey is back

Good news my baby boy is back to being his own self…….   Hurray. It was a ruff couple of days. My baby got shaved where the bites were and under the neck, not sure why there. But thinking had something to do with bringing down his fever. He was at a danger with a 106 temperature. They took him out my arms and rushed him in the back to take care of him. Happened so fast I was left there standing dump founded, trying to figure out what just happened. Felt like a part of me went with him. Leaving the vets that night, you would of thought I lost my best friend. Walking up to my door with my head down low, feeling empty. MickeyLooking at him you can see the marks and even at this point I wasn’t sure what happened to him till a day later. Well the first comment from the Vet was to keep him indoors. And Mickey loves to go out and play in the yard, mostly he goes up to the end of the yard under the big tree and sits and watches the dog in the next yard running up and down the yard. Before he got shaved  I couldn’t see the marks and wasn’t sure what happened to him. I just new he was sore in that spot and the only thing I could think of at that time, was maybe somehow since the tree limbs are real low, maybe he managed to get poked or scratched by the limbs. Well he had a high fever and the bites caused an infection running through his body. That night when I called the Vets back telling them I didn’t think he would make it till the morning, he couldn’t even walk. He was trying hard but was in so much pain and couldn’t get his back leg to work, it wobble so bad and he had no balance. At that point I scooped him up and took him right in. After they got his temperature down, they gave him a shot of antibiotic that would last in his system for 14 days, and then they infused more antibiotic under the wound. The next day when I called to see how he was doing, they told me he’s better but he wouldn’t eat for them. I knew that…. Mommy had him spoiled. He was a picky eater. First day home he slept and ate most of the day. Next day I went outside with him to watch him and at the same time give him some outdoor time. My neighbor yells over…” Hey are you cat walking”. Mickey being the big ham he is, all the neighbors loves him. I’ve heard it so many times. If I get another cat, I want one just like Mickey. Impossible in my eyes he is unique. Anyhow she came over to talk and told me, my other neighbor seen a cat in a fight with a squirrel the other night. But being new to the neighborhood he didn’t know who the cat belonged to. She continue to tell me when her cat was alive, she gotten into many fights with squirrels, But her cat always got it in the front of the face and the paws. So I asked did your cat get infections. And her answer was yes. Pieces coming together. So after a few minutes, she made the comment bitesMickey must of been running away from the squirrel to get the bites on the back. Got me to thinking at this point because Mickey is a lover not a fighter. For I’ve watched him many times in the yard. Yes he chases the squirrels and rabbits and birds but when they stopped, so did he. So this was kind of hard to believe. But he had the marks on him to prove it. So I had no other choice but to accept it. But the most important part is, he is back to being himself. So full of love. And for some reasons he is showing much more love and attention since he has come back home. So my question is why, not complaining…he’s my only love since I live alone. I need him and his love. So this question is out to all my readers, please leave a comment, really need your help as what I should do. Mickey loves to be outside and I believe PETS like human needs fresh air. 99% of the time he stays in the yard, under the tree watchin the dogs next door, he goes under another tree to watch the birds. I have several trees in my yard. Sometimes he just lays on the top steps of the deck. Sometimes he will go out without me but then there are times he wants me to go outside with him. So my question is……should I let him go outside by himself…..Please comment below, let me know what I should do


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    Exciting cats fighting!

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