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Missing Someone    




Missing someone, This is something we all are an expert on. Who, why and how we all have a different story to tell. And as we look at our stories we the ones who is focused on are the ones to feel the most pain. Sharing our story is one way to get that first step towards what we now know as our NEW. When this word was first spoken to me I must admit I was confused. Now what is this new word I just learned and what does it means. The word NEW is what we become when we had to adore a pain so intense no words were there to describe it. A lost in our heart from losing someone we deeply love. A husband, wife, child, family members. Sisters, brothers right down to our pets. My pet a Himalayan blue Persian. My girl Jojo

Jojo wants in the closet
Jojo wants in the closet
. Then came Mickey, and I thank God every night for allowing him to still be in my life. But then in a short time later I lost my husband the love of my life, the one love lost that made a tragic change in my life. Missing him to this day! How do I cope. One day by one day. It’s a slow process depending on the love, in my case. It’s been 4 years and the pain is just as bad and the holidays are in progress and the hole in my chest keeps growing. A few things I do to help myself cope. Not saying this will help in all cases for me it kills time which moves me on to the next day. I visit and follow blogs on whatever seems to catch my attention. I read a lot and try to keep up on the latest blogs and that hard to do because there are so many out there. A few of my favorite are. Lessons Learned in Life, Rainbow Bridge, Learning from  Amy Lynn Andrews , to learn how to’s for blogs and losing someonealso enjoy writing on my own blog sharing on how I feel and cope with in life. In the process I run across a lot of great pictures or quotes that seems to hit right through me, and one great site I like to visit for an uplifting go to Star Bright Angels – Home. Losing my husband was the biggest jolt of my life time, still wondering when will it all end. What closes that hole in the chest? Can you help me find answers to some of life hardest question. How do we go on? Please leave your comments below, would love to hear from you together we can grow and we can heal. I also owner of Learning To Live. A web site I run about dealing with and blogging about GRIEF and Grieving there’s a tool for that.


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