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Oranges ~ Cats

So if you were to ask most cat owners. They would tell you that their cats for the most part hates the smell of oranges. And so I thought it was true until Mickey proves me wrong.


Mickey, unlike most cats. He has nothing to do with catnip except one brand alone gets his attention. It's Kong premium catnip. I have tried many different brands and only wasted my money.

This particular brand is not found in most stores. You basically have to go to a pet store like Petco or PetSmart. You can also buy this item online at Amazon.

Now I am pretty sure you can find this brand at other places on line, But these are the places I shop and they work out very well for me. Below are the different packages they come in.

Now let's get to the story of the oranges. I was not prepare for this to happen but it was so cute I had to share....

I love clementine oranges and this time of the year they are at their sweetest. So I brought a box . Sat in the kitchen and ate me two of them. Now no comment they are really small. Once I got done I went back into the computer room. Mickey was laying on top of my computer desk. Soon as I sat down, Mickey bolted up....

Wasn't sure what was going on or why he got up like he did. But I started petting him and he rubbed his face on my fingers for the smell of clementine's and OMG.

By his reaction you would of thought I just gave him a big serving of his favorite catnip ~ Kong. He rolled around on top of my desk and kept pushing his face into my hands for the smell. He kept going on, getting his little high from the smell of the clementine oranges. And as long as I let him go, he kept it up.

So I got a little curious and did a search on the internet. All I could find was how cats dislike the smell of citrus. And if you wanted to keep your cat from going into certain places. Peel a citrus fruit and put the rinds where you don't want your kitty to go. I could not find nothing on cats liking citrus.

Another good fact about clementine. The first year I was eating them, I was eating two for lunch with a big jug of water. And yes they are very satisfying because of the sweetness of them. But that year I lost close to 40 lbs. Didn't know what I was doing to loose so much weight until I read in a magazine that they are very good for weight lost. Now that's a plus on top of the good taste. So you know, I just starting eating them again this week and already lost 3 lbs. Now that's great, and I'm now a women on a mission.

So ending this with a question or two. Does your cat dislike citrus, or do your kitty has another strange fetish you would like to share? Love to hear from you.....



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