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Check out SheKnows website for more detail information.

This site covers a lot of information @ our PETS


There are many good sites out there.

Sharing lots of useful information

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Another site to check out would be   (About)home.

The Cat Fanciers’ Association

This site has a very big list of plants that are Toxic to your Cat.


Not only should you be aware of what your Cat is eating as far as Plants and the Poison they may contain. There is also a list of human food your cat should never have. And you can find that list and more information about each one at PET MD . You can also visit more on their site while you are there, they have lots of good information on all kinds of pets. Then of course there are also things you should never do with / to your cat and for more on that please visit another section of Pet MD. 


Here’s another great article from Pet MD “What The Heck is That on My”      



Jojo wants in the closet
Jojo wants in the closet





Big shoulders
Big shoulders~Mickey





I choose Mickey after I did some research on healthy cats. And that was done for Jojo, as you see my girl on the right. I had no chose but to let her go to peace for she had Kidney Cancer and was too aggressive to save her.

So after some research found out the breed Pixie-bob is a unique breed of cats legend has many stories but the best part is it’s personality. Mickey swears he is a dog. Never once has Mickey ever scratched me like cats do from time to times. Nope Mickey’s way of getting my attention, getting what he wants (that’s another story – communication)  he acts more like a dog…..he bites.

So make sure you totally check out what breed is right for you and you can do that here WEBMD…Purebred Cats. Jojo was a by herself kind of cat. You know. Just feed me and leave me be. And I love her with all my heart. Mickey, complete opposites. He’s hands on kind of buddy who got your back. And I mean…Got Your Back. Cause he follows my every step and always right behind me like a dog follows. Even comes in and sits down the floor in the bathroom while I do what I have to do. As you can see, he lays right next to my feet till I am done.


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