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Talking… our pets


Yes we all do this. Why? Because they are our best friend, our family, they are truly amazing. And yes our pets, Cats are known to talk back to us. They do this through meowing and for some thoughts on the language check out…..Cat Talk 10..Reasons Cat’s Meow. Mickey understands some words more than others. I guess from hearing them over and over again. Call it Learn to communicate with your pet. Find certain words that you and your pet comes to know they belong to actions to be done. Every Pet and Owners has certain words within the friendship that are special. Tell me a word you and only your pet knows the meaning of. Mickey and I have a few special between us. When we are outside and spending times with neighbors. Mickey loves to visit with our neighbors, he is such a big baby with them. Sucking up all the attention he wants. He likes to run up to our neighbors with me and as my neighbor and I are talking, Mickey is busy making rounds in circles around us. This is topped off with Mickey dropping off to the ground and belly up…..neighbors falling all over the big baby. At that point I would look at Mickey and point towards the house and say “IN”. Mickey would look up at me and gets up and starts walking up to the house. A word with a meaning!

Belly shot - FYI
Belly Rub


At nights going to bed I usually set the timer on the TV to go off in one hour and with the volume down on very low watch TV until I doze off. Mickey jumps up in bed with me and starts his routine only him and I know. We call it Patty Cake Mommy. When he is done my words are to him “Show Mommy the Big Mouth”. And he knew what I meant and he tried so hard and looks so cute doing so.. Trying hard not to yawn….but can’t help it and open goes his mouth as he puts out the biggest yawn….poor baby and one more time for Mommy…..“Show Mommy the Big Mouth” another big yawn. Works every time.  Love our Fur Babies

So Mickey and I share these words


Patty Cake Mommy

Show Mommy the Big Mouth……


So what’s your Pet and what words do you share together






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