Winter Blues

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Winter comes every year and it seems to get colder each time it comes around, or is that just with age. Remembering being young the cold never was an issues. No matter how cold it got outside. Kids are always out playing. They don’t seem to notice that it is cold outside. But with each passing year we seem to notice more and more. And then daylight seems to sneak away early and nights are longer. Sun doesn’t shine as long as it does during warmer days. Seems like we wake up and it’s dark, we leave work heading for home and it’s dark. Everyone is hiding inside trying to keep warm. And the streets are bare. Trees lost their leaves and they look alone. The sky looks cold and gloomy. The winds are blowing strong. Winter seems to take life away. Also known as winter depression, winter blues. The hibernation effect takes it’s toll on us, take away the energy we have during the warmer seasons. This is better known as (SAD) Seasonal affective disorder. Winter brings about colors associated with sadness, blue and gray making your home feel cold, empty, and depressing. The colors of red overcome depression, encourages activity and escalates body metabolism. Oranges brings about joy and heals grief. The yellows stimulates your mind, clears your head from headaches, and reduces depression.

Finding ways to beat this monster is not easy but it can be done. Here are some samples to beat it and come out on the winning end.


Do you like winter and why?     What is your favorite season?


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